This web site is called No Expiration Date and is written by me, Nicole Skaf.

The essence of this platform lies in its name—No Expiration Date—a testament to my firm belief that ideas transcend time; they exist in a perpetual state, evolving and resurfacing indefinitely.

This space was born from the desire to showcase ideas in their raw, evolving form—living entities shaping and reshaping themselves. It's a canvas where thoughts that have weathered the passage of time are revived and those in the throes of creation find a home.

While the primary language of expression here is English, certain entries are written in Spanish. This deliberate choice echoes the authenticity and core essence of thoughts birthed in my mother tongue, encapsulating sentiments that are deeply rooted.

The website is  organized into categories or tags—each a trove of posts revolving around distinct themes. From the intricate tapestry of politics and business to the vibrant hues of art, food, culture, and the profound essence of humanity, these tags serve as portals to multifaceted discussions.

But this space isn't just about ideas—it's about experiences too. Here, you'll encounter narratives of places traversed, faces encountered, and stories that resonate deeply. Each encapsulates a unique facet of our collective journey, offering glimpses into the tapestry of human encounters.

Welcome to No Expiration Date—a place for timeless thoughts, a celebration of diverse perspectives, and a nexus where the past, present, and future converge to enrich our understanding of the world around us.